What is the African Travel Difference? We are Africa experts with over 40 years of experience in travel. Having lived in and/or traveled extensively through Africa’s top safari destinations, our specialists are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and customizing itineraries to match the unique desires of each traveler. All we sell is Africa!
At African Travel, Inc. we recognize how important it is for our partners to have the knowledge and tools required to sell a safari to Africa. To meet this demand, we have developed a unique set of sales and marketing services, which we offer to you, our travel agent partners:
  • One-stop-shopping for accommodations, sightseeing, attractions, meet and greet, and all transportation needs, including all air services.
  • Three way conference calls with you, your clients and African Travel
  • Special interest ‘themed’ itineraries to present to your honeymooners, families, food and wine lovers, adventure travel enthusiasts or any other travelers
  • ‘Safari 101’, our on-site training seminar, to educate your staff about our destinations
  • A safari-themed ‘Africa Night’ for your clients
  • Custom flyers to promote your group
  • Support materials for trade shows and special travel events in your area
  • Travel Agent educational trips and travel discounts

Agent Registration:


Self-register using our IATA number: 31530332
Brochure Ordering:
Order on African Travel website, or call African Travel at 800.421.8907